Battle on Bay 2022

Capital Markets

Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Battle on Bay was held entirely online. As we return for our 15th annual conference, we have planned and are prepared to host the conference in person. With extensive safety protocols in place, we always prioritize our delegates’ safety. As we return for our 15th year in the running, we are once again excited to deliver you the same excellence that past delegates have come to know and love – in a once again engaging environment. 

This year’s theme for Battle on Bay revolves around the different areas within Capital Markets. As our conference evolves over the years, we stay in line with current industry demands and give delegates the best experience and knowledge possible. With rapid changes to the industry in the past decade, we hope to familiarize delegates with the different players in the markets, the nuances of different roles in those fields, as well as the function of the overall markets on a macro level. This year we will take you through a real-world stock-pitch case where you will have the chance to sharpen not only your technical skills, but improve your teamwork and presentation skills all at once.

Applications have now closed for Battle on Bay 2022. Congratulations to all delegates who will be participating!

If you missed this opportunity, not to worry, Battle on Bay will be back in 2023. In the meantime, follow us on our social media pages for updates!