Battle on Bay 2023

World of Fintech

This year’s conference revolves around the world of Fintech.

With the world of crypto taking the market by storm in the last couple years, we look forward to familiarizing delegates with different aspects of the market, the many roles in the field, as well as how the market works on a macro level. This year, we will have knowledgeable fintech based industry professionals who will be speaking to delegates about their journey’s in the field and how they got there.

With rapid changes to the industry in the past decade, we hope to familiarize delegates with the different players in the markets, the nuances of different roles in those fields, as well as the function of the overall markets on a macro level. Our Fintech theme will discuss in more detail topics such as digital lending, payments, blockchain, digital wealth management from our experienced sponsors such as the Marquee group.

We strive to achieve this through several panels, workshops, information sessions, socials, and case presentations. Becoming a delegate will allow you the opportunity to gain valuable insight, experience and connections on the world of Fintech.

Applications have now closed for Battle on Bay 2023. Congratulations to all delegates who will be participating!

If you missed this opportunity, not to worry, Battle on Bay will be back in 2024. In the meantime, follow us on our social media pages for updates!